Thursday, August 23, 2007

Repost.... Mixtape Madness

This is a repost from JULY 20, 2007... check it out... the next 1 is coming!
Well I 've been out taking care of some biz and training recently. I have been working on a mixtape for my peeps ... just a little thank you for the people... oh and Baltimore... stand up...LOL... Grab yourself something nice to Drink and Blaze 1 Up... then bump this...

  1. International Players Anthem- UGK feat Outkast

  2. Don't You Wanna Be High- T.I.

  3. Blow Trees- Redman feat Ready Rock and Method Man

  4. Work it Out-Q-Tip

  5. Brown Paper Bag Money- Rick Ross, Lil Wayne, Fat Joe

  6. Touch Down- T.I. feat Eminem

  7. Hold This Blaow- Redman

  8. On The Regular- Rich Boy

  9. Down South- DBlock feat Rick Ross

  10. You Don't Know- Freeway Feat Mad Skillz

  11. Hurt-Ti feat Busta Rhymes

  12. I Don't Give A Fuck- Cassidy

  13. Herb is Pumpin-Keith Murray

  14. We Mobbin-Redman feat Ready Rock

  15. Round Here Remix- Memphis Bleek feat BG, Bun B

  16. Blunt Ashes- Nas

  17. Purple- Three 6 Mafia feat Banie Sigel

  18. The Corner Remix- Common feat Scarface , Mos Def

  19. Raw-T.I.

  20. Don't You Baby- Saigon

  21. Lick The Rapper- Uncle Murder

  22. Bang It Out- Papoose feat Snoop

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