Monday, May 21, 2007

Beanie Sigel Calls Out Kanye West & Pharrell

The video feed seems to have been killed. Beans basically said that dudes is dressing real 'gay'. Like the Louie V driving shoes and the 'gay' looking shirts! He ends by saying that dudes should just come all the way out the closet!! Is Beans saying what we all thought!!!!!!!. I know I have thought it a few times, as well as people I know.


Smurl said...

We all been saying it... but they make slammin ass tracks... what you gonna do...LOL

Beeezo said...

I know ...I don't care if they are or not... I just tend to think they are, more than not. They do still make slammin' tracks. I rock their music and shake my head at their taste in fashion!!! LOL