Wednesday, June 6, 2007


Whats poppin out there in Cheeba-Land... this your boy Smurl.. I'll be giving a little help on the blog scene for our main moderator. I gotta let him get a lil break( and blaze 1). Whether it be musical, political or just a SMOKED OUT RANT... I'll be adding a lil bit of spice or just some... hmmmmmm statements. So stay tuned and I hope you enjoy.... spark it up!

Here are a few tunes to get you started!!!!

Blow Treez (feat. Ready Roc & Method Man)

Purple (feat Beanie Sigel)

Come around remix feat[1]. Busta rhymes


Hypnotic-Beanie Sigel

Disclaimer... I'm a real hip hop fan so my posts will contain what I consider to be real hip hop... I'll label posts for R and B HOP... (guess what those songs are...LOL) ... stay tuned!


Anonymous said...

Blow Treez is easily the hottest track on RGW album. Even weak ass method man came hard (No Lil Weezy)on that joint.

Oh yeah No Lil Weezy = No homo for all you Dial uppers (slowskys).

Beeezo said...

what up Smurl..... hot post...looking forward to your input!!!!