Sunday, June 3, 2007

HOW TO>>>>>>>> vol.1

Herb Grinder:
Tired of hand picking your stash and crumbling the shit up? Use this common household item to quickly grind your herbs to perfection!

Bud Grinder...

What You'll Need:

* One hand crank cheese grinder available at most supermarkets and department stores.
* Some herbs.

How To Do It:

* First, try to pick out all the big lumber and seeds by hand first.
* Next, select a grating barrel to your coarsness preference. We recommend the mid sized one.
* Then add a liberal amount of herb and grind away.
* When finished lightly sift and pull out any remaining seeds and large lumber.
* Fire it up!
* Experiment with the different sized graters to get your desired coarseness. It's best to start out large and then work don't want to make dust!

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