Friday, July 20, 2007


Well I 've been out taking care of some biz and training recently. I have been working on a mixtape for my peeps ... just a little thank you for the people... oh and Baltimore... stand up...LOL... Grab yourself something nice to Drink and Blaze 1 Up... then bump this...

  1. International Players Anthem- UGK feat Outkast

  2. Don't You Wanna Be High- T.I.

  3. Blow Trees- Redman feat Ready Rock and Method Man

  4. Work it Out-Q-Tip

  5. Brown Paper Bag Money- Rick Ross, Lil Wayne, Fat Joe

  6. Touch Down- T.I. feat Eminem

  7. Hold This Blaow- Redman

  8. On The Regular- Rich Boy

  9. Down South- DBlock feat Rick Ross

  10. You Don't Know- Freeway Feat Mad Skillz

  11. Hurt-Ti feat Busta Rhymes

  12. I Don't Give A Fuck- Cassidy

  13. Herb is Pumpin-Keith Murray

  14. We Mobbin-Redman feat Ready Rock

  15. Round Here Remix- Memphis Bleek feat BG, Bun B

  16. Blunt Ashes- Nas

  17. Purple- Three 6 Mafia feat Banie Sigel

  18. The Corner Remix- Common feat Scarface , Mos Def

  19. Raw-T.I.

  20. Don't You Baby- Saigon

  21. Lick The Rapper- Uncle Murder

  22. Bang It Out- Papoose feat Snoop

Blaze It Here

Oh and if you want something to make you laugh... Check out the Notes from the G.E.D. Section... hella funny...


sweetmoma said...

sweetmoma thinks your site is hot just like yourself DL LJ.

Smurl said...

Thanks for the Love....!