Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Money Matters... ( To you and me)

This is a very interesting post from my peeps over at Beezo's Brain...

5 Ways To Increase Your Wealth

Ever wonder how the wealthiest people accumulate so much money? You probably think more about how you can get some of your own. While it is true that many wealthy people reach the top through strong business connections, knowing the right people, and a little bit of luck -- there are strategies for growing wealth, and most of it requires hard work somewhere along the way.Professional financial advisors and money managers will tell you that while risky, investing in bonds, futures, mutual funds, and the stock market can reap amazing rewards. The only trick is having enough money to create lucrative returns on your investments. If you're not a high-roller with lots of distributable cash, betting on the market might not be an ideal approach.So how can an average man with an average salary begin to acquire and keep more money? The following list offers 5 tips that can help fatten your wallet: more here

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