Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Nas interview... My favortie things....

By Chuck "Jigsaw" Creekmur

Nas has been one of Hip-Hop’s most beloved sons through the years. But, what does the rap star love? AllHipHop.com caught the Queensbridge king and conversed about what he utilizes to complement his even-evolving life.

AllHipHop.com: What’s your favorite gadget and why? Nas: Like I, I mean like I’m not really a gadget dude, but I’d say my [T - Mobile] Sidekick. I can go online, email and all kinds of s**t.AllHipHop.com: Has that helped you stay more connected? I know before, when we talked, you weren’t into computers like that. Nas: Yeah, yeah that [sidekick] and a laptop, an Apple. I have an Apple that comes with a camera. You know that’s kind of cool. You know I iPod it up. Finish it here !

Nas’s look and image has always remained relatively consistent since he made his debut in the early 1990's. It is not by accident. The thirty-something rapper offers his tips for staying fit and healthy (after running down his gadgets, cars and other objects in Part 1). In addition, AllHipHop threw some Hip-Hop-related questions that really had Nasir Jones thinking.
AllHipHop.com: Do you have a particular workout regimen or dietary thing that you stick on?
Nas: Well I think push-ups, no pork, not too much beef. Not too many carbs, not too many yellow things, cholesterol. I say not too much ‘cause I indulge in some of them every [so often], except pork. But I just don’t want to lie, you know. Be a “fegitarian” with iron is cool. That’s like a vegetarian – vegetables with fish. I heard that’s the new s**t. It’s all kinds of ways, whatever floats your boat, but you gonna need some iron, some protein. You’re gonna have to balance the beef out sometime, know what I mean.
AllHipHop.com: What about your workout, more like cardio and lifting weights?
Nas: Definitely cardio and the weights when you get a chance, but you know always knock out some pushup and sit-ups get your blood flowing. Gotta be on the [treadmill], because your heart’s a muscle you got to work that out too, so got to keep that. Also, play ball and swimming. More here

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