Tuesday, August 21, 2007

WOW... John Singleton doesn't like MEN dressing like WOMEN!

Its about time a dude with some respect and credits to his name says something... Things are getting out of control.... props to BOSSIP

Singleton Rides On Hollyweird’s Black Men In Drag

John Singleton was spotted at the premiere of “Illegal Tender” in New York yesterday. During a recent interview to promote the film, he shared his views on African American films and filmmakers:
There’s nothing but comedies, and I’m tired of all these Black men in dresses. Every other movie has a Black man in a dress, from the Madea movies to Norbit to Big Momma. How come nobody’s protesting that? They call them family movies, and nobody’s telling the little kids that it’s kind of different for a man to wear a dress. I’m just saying that it comes to a point where, if that’s the only types of images they’re seeing, how is that informing upon Black men in America? It’s as if all we can do is make people laugh and play basketball. more here

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