Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Jay Z The Hustler... Back At It AGAIN!

"Now it’s time for me to take on new challenges," "I am pleased to have had the opportunity to build upon the Def Jam legacy…" (props to nah right) and CNN)

On Monday Jay Z said he will not be returning as president of Def Jam. Jay Z took over his post at Def Jam in 2004... and has been responsible for some of Def Jams most blazing artits such as NAS, Chrisette Michelle, Neyo and the the record breaking Rihanna! Although he will stay on as 1 of the labels conerstone artists he will not be in a administrative capacity. (more here)
My personal opinion is he will create that music that made people like me love him in the first place... Its hard (not impossible) ,but hard for Jay to maintian the boardroom and still spit like he did on AMERICAN GANGSTER... you know it...Jay has always kept relavent by giving you hits, even when an album may not neccesarily be a classic... Although after having an argument with my protoge' I realized that even though its JAy.. every album can't be classic. Oh well lets see what hustler HOV will do now... and the rest of the artists that have blamed their fledgeling albums on him.. who's fault will it be now!

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