Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Presidential Beef... Editorial by Dr. Rock

This editorial from Dr. Rock is in response to another editorial that concluded the Congressional Black Caucus(CBC) was not supporting Barrack Obama unilaterally since he is the first black candidate to be this close since Jesse jackson back in the 90's! Do you agree or disagree... Check out Dr. Rock's editorial... and please comment!

I hope it's OK with you if I put this to the entire community. I would be interested in hearing responses from people.

First of all, I need clarification from you about something... your editorial seems to suggest that the Congressional Black Congress should support Barack Obama just because he is black. If that is really what you are saying, then I think you mind is as narrow as anyone who says "don't vote for him because he is black".
On a personal level, I was not in Obama's corner when he started running. I was very much a Hillary Clinton supporter. I thought he was too inexperienced. I have become an Obama supporter not because he is black, but because he is inspiring, and I believe he would make the best president of all of the candidates involved. I still love Hillary, and may vote for her in the primary.
I find it insulting, and I would hope that the CBC would also, to think that someone would say that I/We should support a candidate just because he is black. I would never vote for Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, or Alan Keyes for president. Why? Because, in my mind they are not qualified choices. I will not vote for Mike Huckabee, despite the fact that I like the way he speaks, and the things that he says. I won't vote for him because his strong christian beliefs make me wonder if he can separate church and state. Christian beliefs to a large degree are responsible for the disastrous 8 years we have just come through. My point is that he is not a qualified choice in my mind.
I am not willing to believe that just because the teamsters union endorses a candidate, that every teamster votes for that candidate. The same is probably true for whatever union endorses whatever candidate in whatever election. People still vote as individuals.
I don't think that the Congressional Black Caucus should endorse and support Barack Obama just because he is black. They should support him if they believe in him and his message. If they want to endorse and support Hillary Clinton, or John McCain, or Ron Paul, etc, it should be on the basis of whether they believe that person would be the best president for our country.
Thats how I'm going to vote. I think the democrats have the more attractive field this time around. Hell, I voted for the first George Bush, and I'm a democrat. I think most of you know what I think of the second George Bush. Every candidate in this election, democrat or republican seems to be a better choice than the president we have now
I will never, ever vote for a candidate because of their race, gender, sexual preference, or geographical affiliation. I will never vote against a candidate for those reasons either.
I would like to think that the people that I associate with are just as open minded and sophisticated.
Barack Obama is not going to lift the lives of every black person in America just because he is black. In fact, that is not the job of any president.
If he is elected, and I hope he is, his job is to enact policies and programs that will benefit all Americans, Black, White, Jewish, etc. I'm sure you get my point.
If people of any of those cultures want to do better, then they need to get off of their asses and make a way for themselves and their children.
The president can't do it, regardless of his/her race, religion, etc., and he/she need to represent ALL of us in his/her approach to the job. It is the position of the most powerful person in the world, and it shouldn't be trivialized to the concept of race, religion, gender, etc.
anybody else want to weigh in?

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