Thursday, January 17, 2008

Would You Eat it... CLONED MEAT, Vegetables or FRUIT?

The FDA(Food and Drug Administration) has approved consumption of food from cloned animals and their offspring. The USDA (US Dept of Agriculture) has asked that the companies continue a voluntary moratorium on selling and marketing the cloned food until more tests can be done. more here (shout out to Kem for this 1).

I'm not even getting into this, I'm not really feeling cloned food... but the next idea is... if it can be cloned for consumption in areas where there is not a food shortage... can we help those people that need food with this technique? Not to use anyone particular person group or whatever for any testing(Tuskegee Experiment) , that's just wrong on so many levels... but are there things that have been successfully cloned such as seeds or things of that nature that could help promote some type of food growth in those areas lacking viable food sources.

Let me know.. How do you feel about cloned food?

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