Monday, February 25, 2008

Barak Obama ..... Build on the Momentum

Make a donation A week from tomorrow could be the decisive day in this campaign.

We started behind in the two biggest states that will vote on March 4th, Ohio and Texas, but as we spend time on the ground, we are gaining strength.

But that's nothing new for us. We have started as the underdog in just about every state. And thanks to a growing movement of support from ordinary people across the country, we came from behind and won the last 11 contests in a row.

We can do this again.

It's not going to be easy -- attacks from our Democratic opponent and the presumptive Republican nominee are growing more frequent and more desperate. And the size of these two states will require unprecedented energy and resources to organize supporters and persuade undecided voters.

But we're within striking distance of our goal of one million people owning a piece of this campaign by March 4th, and every single person getting involved makes a difference.

Be one of the million by making a donation right now:

We're within reach of this extraordinary goal for the same reason we've come from behind to unexpectedly win 26 out of 37 contests so far.

We're succeeding because our campaign has always been about bringing new people into the process.

Thanks to you, we're on the verge of history. Please do what you can to see this through.

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