Saturday, March 29, 2008

Papoose and Remy Ma Getting Married?

Incredble turn of events for Remy Ma and Pap.... now I didn't really expect Remy and Pap to be a couple...DID YOU? Ok passed that These two are getting married.. WhaT? No hate ove here at all real love is real love... but like I said did you expect that they would be a couple? I'm ok now...LOL Matter a fact here is the story.. Papoose gave MTV a special interview here is a small exerpt..

"We always wanted to keep our personal lives personal, so that's why we never went public with our relationship," he wrote in an e-mail to MTV News. "Right now, I just feel like she gotta live through me. Yes, we were scheduled to be married on a yacht April 27th. But due to circumstances beyond our control, we are now making arrangements to be married in prison." more here

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