Monday, April 14, 2008

G-Unit -Another 1 Bites The Dust

1 of G-Units most recognizable members has now taken the route traveled by Game and a few other G-Unit artists and left or got kicked out however you want to make it sound. Young Buck .. the legitimate southern memeber of the G-Unit has gotten the BOOT. Now once again another member has gotten tired of 50 being a dictator. I respect 50s' buisness mind and all, but it seems like 50 just might not be a cool dude. Sometimes people are just not cool... personal opinion..don't send them boys on me 50!
With all the beef 50 likes to stir up maybe this is a good thing for Young Buck he can do records with anyone he chooses as well as just be able to do his thing. With that being said ... here are a few Cutz with Young Buck in them...

Young Buck feat Jazze Phae-I know you Want me

50 Cent feat Young Buck


DjDrama feat

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