Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Top 40 Hip Hop Blogs

I was doing some reading and found this interesting scale. Now I'm kind of new to blogging so at first I didn't understand the rating and how they did it. They used this new rating system for blogs called the Blog Performance Indicator or BPI. This measures the percentage of Alexa traffic, Technorati score, Digg, RSS feeds, Social bookmarking reader usage and a few other factors.

This is supposed to be the most accurate way to see how 1 blog performs in competition with another. check out the rest of the rating info here....

Let's get my blog rating up... do I need to start some giveaways over here...LOL.. If you do check out my blog regularly... THANKS FOR YOUR SUPPORT and if you have any ideas on stuff you want up over here.. leave a comment we will get on it!

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