Monday, July 14, 2008

DR. Rock 's Editorials

I know i know its been awhile...(LOL for everything) but we are back .... now its been awhile since any of the Doctor Rock's Editorials have been posted...don't get mad at the Doc... get mad at his poster...(me) !...Now that's out of the way... He is raising a very important point .... Iraq Wants Us OUT... (us is the U.S. for some people a little on the yellow bus ) LEAVE A COMMENT!

All politicians are flip floppers. Thats the nature of the job. My question is: Why is John McCain is being called a war hero? Did he rescue a platoon? Did he dive on a grenade? Is it because he was a prisoner of war? Is it because he was tortured? I would never minimize a person's military service, especially if they were a POW, and certainly not if they were tortured. If you endure that type of treatment, and don't break, you ARE an American Hero.

But where did the cameras come from? Why do we have footage of John McCain as a soldier, and in captivity? Who was filming? Why would there be cameras in a Vietcong POW camp? Was he a celebrity or something? Were other soldiers filmed? Many soldiers were held in POW camps, but they weren't filmed. Is that why he is a war HERO? Because he got filmed? Think about that, why was he filmed? Was he connected even then? Do we think of him as a hero because we have footage of him as a POW?

I knew some people who were POWs in Vietnam. I don't know if they were filmed. Many are dead now. Some are homeless schizophrenics. Maybe they could run for president on the "war hero" platform.

What about being a POW makes you qualified to lead the country, especially when, by your own admission, you don't know much about the economy? I'll bet that inspires a lot of confidence in those who have lost their homes to foreclosure.

Why should I vote for someone who wants to keep us in a fucked up situation for 100 more years?

Bush started extending tours, bringing back soldiers that had left the military. If we stay for 100 years, who's next, non military 49 year olds with torn achilles tendons?

I have nothing but respect for people who volunteer or were drafted to protect our country. The Iraq war was stupid to start, mismanaged since, and has no end in sight, but Vietnam was worse. 56,000 Americans lost their lives in that stupid war. 4000 in Iraq.

The Vietnam War was started by a democrat, and continued by a democrat, so stupidity crosses the isle. It was ended by a republican. The party affiliation doesn't matter. I have nothing but respect for president Kennedy, but Vietnam was a dumb decision, and I would not have voted for his ass if he ran for re-election after that decision.

I just think that as smart as the American people are, only a small handfull are really smart. They become politicians, doctors, lawyers, engineers, etc. The rest wear coveralls, drink cheap beer and get brainwashed by the "smart" people. They drive tractors, eat hotdogs, and watch Jerry Springer on TV.

The smart people manipulate the dumb fucks, and make them believe that preventing the spread of communism is worth dying for (Vietnam) (WTF?), that weapons of mass destruction are a threat to us from a country many miles away, and they make us feel unpatriotic when the lies and vitriol is cloaked in declarations that these issues are important to the United States. "Lets fight'em over there, so we don't have to fight'em over here!! What the fuck are you talking about? The smart people have fooled your asses so bad!!

So all of you uneducated, uniformed, flag waving, fuckheads keep believing the crap that the smart people give you.

As Charles Manson said "I have stayed dumb". Some people can't help staying dumb, because they are exactly that, dumb. It's a genetic thing, you wouldn't understand. You wouldn't want to be able to understand. And you certainly wouldn't want to admit it if you realized one day, "hey, I'm dumb as shit". If you do understand, you are probably dumb.

The rest of us have an obligation to get off of our tractors, put down the fucking latte's, take off our overalls, stop watching "American Idol" (puleeeaasee!!) and pay attention to the bullshit that we are being fed.

Oil prices have more than doubled in the past year. Bush and Cheney are oilmen. So while you are trying to figure out how to drive to work, keep your lights on, AND feed your kids, they and their kids will never have to make those choices, for generations to come.

Open your eyes and stop believing in those assholes. We pay the price in lives and money. They just get rich.

PLEASE COMMENT... DR. Rock wants to hear!

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