Thursday, September 4, 2008

Dr. Rock...... An Editorial

It's been awhile but props to BEEEZO... good looking out.. you know your boy is on his grind right now. With that being said Dr. Rock is back with another 1 of his famous editorials... check out what he has to say about the speech Gov. Palin gave last evening as well as a few thoughts on the electorial race!

Governor Palin's speech was awesome. She is obviously well spoken and educated. She came across just as those who know and support her said she would. She made some pretty funny remarks about Barack and the Democrats, although I thought she made a few too many. There wasn't much substance to her speech, just rhetoric, just like the way Obama started out. She can get away with that, she's only running for vice president. Vice Presidents don't do much. He can no longer get away with that.

We know that she didn't write the speech, but that doesn't matter that much. It fired up the cowboy hat wearing, bible thumping, flatus filled rednecks at that convention.
However, close your eyes and imagine President John McCain having a fatal heart attack. Open your eyes and Sarah Palin is president of the United States. That is the most scary thing about her. I can't imagine her being president of the United States. There was a time when I felt the same way about Barack Obama, but he has changed my mind over many months. In addition, if he dies, Joe Biden steps up. I'm much more comfortable with Biden than I am with Palin. I really don't want a "hockey mom" to be my president. she hasn't even fulfilled a full term as Governor of Alaska. Before that she was mayor of a small town. Maybe if the election weren't so close, we would have time to get to know her and scrutinize her the way we have with Barack Obama, but we don't have that luxury.

I deplore Condelezza Rice, and disagree with most of her views, but I would be much more comfortable with her as president than Sarah Palin. Mitt Romney, Rudy Julianni, Ron Paul, McCain had many better choices

Palin also made that infamous "Going to war in Iraq is a task from God" statement. Thats also scary, because thats what muslim extremist use as their pre-text for terrorist acts and the destruction of Israel.

I still believe that John McCain is an independent thinker. I don't like his approach to the Iraq invasion (I still don't consider it a war), or his willingness to drill in the Alaska National Wildlife Reserve. I just wish he has chosen someone more qualified than Palin, because if he wins, and he dies in office (He is 72 years of age), we are stuck with her.

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