Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Urb Magazine put up a nice little QA with the creater of NAH Right... ESKAY. Its crazy cause this is 1 of the blogs that influenced me to start.. so check out what he's saying and stay posted... By the way he just made me get back on my grind!..LOL..


URB: Why you? Why your blog?

Eskay: I kill ‘em with consistency. Lotta blog sites pop up and then disappear, but I’ve been here since I started, tryin’ to keep it quality…and a little luck didn’t hurt.

URB:Why did you start the site?

Eskay:I was always the kid out of my group of friends who had the new mixtape or the new song. Mixtape downloads and all that stuff were starting to get pretty heavy online, and I always had pretty much anything people were looking for, so I said, “Let me start a place where my friends can go and just find whatever they need.” That’s how it ran until 2006 when a lot of journalists and other established hip-hop sites started linking to me, and it kinda took off from there.

check out the rest here....URB Magazine

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