Thursday, October 2, 2008

Blueprint 3.... It's Coming

UPDATE.... You knew it was going to be 1.....

Okay just got the news on the new LP. The Tracklisting on the internet is completely false, with the exception of possibly Most Kings but even that has been changed as Jay gave Chris Martin the original verse for a Coldplay song. Kanye West produced the entire album with a sound that combines the best of Kanye, Swizz, and Dilla. Think about how Swagga Like Us has the vocal sample with the Swiss Effect, the drums of Dilla by not being on some straight up boom boom bap sound, and the Electronic/European sounds of the keyboards used on the swagger joint.

more here.....props nah right and pleaseddon't stare...

Some good sources told me that there would be a BLUEPRINT 3.......I'll keep ya'll posted.... oh and here is the tracklist.....

1. “Wake Up New York (Intro)”

2. “Most Kings”

3. “Hades (Lucifer part two)”

4. “Eternal Jewels” (feat. and prod. by Jay Electronica)

5. “Blueprint 3″

6. “Lucy” (feat. Chris Martin)

7. “The Audacity of Dope”

8. “S-L-U Part Two” (feat. Nas, Andre 3000, and Young Jeezy)

9. “Election Night (We Believe in Obama)”

10. “Just Memories”

11. “Apostate” (feat. and prod. by Eminem)

12. “Oasis”

13. “My Brothers Keeper” (feat. Scarface)

14. “Brooklyn Lost”

15. “Weeds and Concrete”

16. “Without Rain…”

Stay TUNED....

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