Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Dr. Rock Editorial.... He's BACK!

I've been on vacation for 10 days, so I haven't been able to annoy you, but I'm back. I forwarded that last picture of the asshole on the bike just for a reality check. He reminds me of some of the people at recent McCain rallies. Some of the shit coming out of their mouths was pretty incredible, and somewhat scary. "Obama is a terrorist", "kill him".

Thank god those fools don't represent the republican party, or John McCain. McCain deserves much "dap" for putting those fools in their place. He rebuffed those remarks and that type of sentiment.

That doesn't surprise me. He has always impressed me as a straight talking politician. He seems to contradicts himself sometimes here of late, and he sometimes seems confused, but he is no George Wallace, not even close.

I'm not going to vote for him, because I think Obama is the better choice, and I have major problems with his approach to the Iraq war. However, as democratic as I am, I would probably pick him over John Kerry or Michael Dukakis. His supporters who are spewing this inane rhetoric don't really represent him. Unfortunately, they represent a significant portion of what we call America.

There may be democratic rallies that spew the same type of hatred and ignorance at McCain, but I haven't seen any. If anybody has some please send them to me or direct me to a website.
People are calling the democratic nominee for president of the United States a terrorist.

If you go to U-Tube, you will find many videos with people saying the same type of crazy shit. They talk about love for Sarah Palin (who most admit that they only recently heard of), and hatred for Obama (many of whom call him Barama or Hussein). I know that people vote their party. How else would an idiot like Alan Keyes get votes in an election in a state in which he does not reside? It is stupid, but it is the reality of America.

Not voting for someone because you don't like their platform, or disagree with their ideas is one thing, hatred is another. Some Americans are showing their colors. It would be easy to cast this as a republicans are racist thing, but that is far from the truth. Keep in mind that we are a great country because the majority of us, black or white, democrat or republican, gay or straight, etc, do not subscribe to that type of ideology.
There are a handful of idiots who, if we are not careful, will characterize any or all of us in a negative light. We need to keep it real Kudos to John McCain for that........


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Anonymous said...

You must also be aware of his double talk. McCain is famous for making you think he is for the better part of america. If all Sen. McCain, can manage is bad talk or press during his Political Campaign and not provide the American people with a sure plan for saving this economy than don't let color be the choice. Please Vote Obama.