Wednesday, October 8, 2008


I have gotten the news that Vibe magazine has picked Eminem as the best rapper in the world. HUH? not to say that Em is not a more than averagely gifted MC... best in the world.... 2 things are happening here.. 1- 50 has intimidated somebody..(again) or 2- Eminem has something on somebody. Eminem's body of work does not even warrant that statement. Like I said.... he has some great music and albums that have come out. My question is...can you name a song off of his current album now? My point is being great is not only past but it is present and because there is no age cap in hip hop... the future. Em is a hip hop Icon.. no question... but Em has taken a lot of time of and his recent music has left a little to be desired. ... His group.. D-12 is average at best. (purple pills is my joint though...) Who's the best to do it....? I have to say JAY Z... (he's not my favorite rapper though...) ....for consistency... that means being on the scene, dropping albums doing singles and stuff like that. In hip hop you know what it is... I don't see you.... you must have fell off....comments?

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The King said...

I have to agree with you. Em is good but great. He isn't better than Jay-Z, Andre 3k, Lil Wayne or T.I. that would make him 5th in my book.. holla back