Monday, January 12, 2009

The 10 Best Albums of the Year Cont. -- ACCORDING TO BILLBOARD (critic's choice)

8. Metallica - "Death Magnetic" (Warner Bros.)

"The kings of metal return," proclaims contributor Gary Graff, who included "Death Magnetic" high on his personal list. The album, he says, "achieves the expected 'tallica standard that 'St. Anger' missed." German bureau chief Wolfgang Spahr calls the album "a tempest of pure rock."

The bountiful 80 minutes are packed with titanic multipart epics that feature scary-looking song titles. They're all marked by Lars Ulrich's all-but-perfected stomp and the eyebrow-scorching virtuosity of James Hetfield, who roars about anger and self-flagellation, and Kirk Hammett, who conducts proton-collision experiments. FULL REVIEW

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