Monday, February 23, 2009

This brings some extra joy to me... I grew up with Danny aka DJ Class!!. He has been doing his thing for years now and I am glad to see the sun shine his way.... I wish him much success and he is one of B-more's own. Class is one of the dudes that was knee deep in the music since a very young age. I rocked to this dude at countless, neighborhood house and block parties. .... DJ Class used to do some things with Peter Piper (RUN DMC) that were incredible! I have also spent a fair share of time in his old home studio at the corner of The Alameda and Coldspring lane... it crazy cause that building is not even there any more!!!

DJ Class f/ Pitbull and Lil Jon - "I'm The Ish (Remix Pt. 2)" (mp3)

This week the City Paper has a stoory about Baltimore club producer DJ Class, who just got signed to Universal Republic off the strength of his single "I'm The Ish," which I named one of the top club tracks of 2008. There's already been a couple big remixes of the track, but Pitbull just added a verse to the one with Lil Jon recently. It should be interesting to see if the song keeps growing, and which version of the song will become the most popular, but either way, pretty cool to see Class getting his due right now.

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Anonymous said...

Why do you even have a blog. You don't post nothing worth reading. I thought this site was about cheeba.

Beeezo said...

First, no one makes you read the blog

Second, if you read... it says BEATS, BLUNT and STUFF...not just cheeba

Third, if you read through you will see plenty about cheeba... including news and images

We want you to read the blog and I hope you return, we are a community of smokers but not only smokers enjoy our page....

next time make a suggestion if you would like to see something on the blog ...we take constructive criticism well, but 'self-righteous' rants and questioning our motivations does nothing to help and really we don't care what you think if this is the way you want to share your displeasure ...thanks