Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Method Man lost his 2008 Lincoln Navigator

I feel Meth on this.... not making any excuses, but sometimes you just forget!!!! I have gotten mail that I never opened and some of it looked important. It's not that you are avoiding things, you may not have been able to look right away and then it ends up in the 'pile'.... or planned to pay and just get side tracked.... it has happened to me and I am not on the road or moving about like Meth! No excuses, *ish happens!!! Better go home and check my mail 'pile'!!!!!

Earlier this week, DX reported that Wu-Tang Clan member Method Man lost his 2008 Lincoln Navigator to the IRS because of over $50,000 owed in taxes . While some believed this news indicated a crunch in Method’s wallet, it turns out the How High star can blame the incident on his excessive use of weed.

“Myself, I’m a pothead. It’s no secret. Everyone knows that. I go on the road and forget everything else,” he told the NY Daily News. Laughing off the thought of what occurred, Method Man explained, “I could have easily just written them a check for whatever amount, but no…I waited until they knocked on the door and were like, ‘We got your truck and we outta here.’”

With a repo team and four New York police arriving at his house, Method continued, “It wasn’t like ‘Oh my God! Noo!! Don’t take it…I was half-dressed, and it was so early that I just said, ‘Okay, you’re taking the truck. Aight.”

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Anonymous said...

Your story is about a month old.

Beeezo said...

OK.... cool.... thanks.... were is your blog so I can get the freshest news feeds...
oh and about a week old would be closer to reality!!!!