Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Game... Showin Some Respect!

Check out the video ... Game is showing some love for the "GAME in his own kinda twisted way...
shouts to vimeo and nah right

The Game "Keys 2 The City" Chapter 2 from Yours Truly on Vimeo.

The Game’s been busy lately. Dissing Jay-Z is one fulltime job that I’d never sign up for. But some would argue that the Game’s career has been built off beef and if he ain’t beefing than he ain’t on his job. Personally beefs don’t do anything for me, unless we are taking about “The Take Over” and “Ether” and then, well ‘nuff said about that. But with all this BS beef going on I wanted to add some positivity to the stew with a new episode of Keys 2 the City. Here Jayceon laces up for a game at his local gym and talks about how hip-hop and basketball basically came up together. He then launches into his best Biggie impression, spitting bar after bar with a satisfied smile that suggests that he really truly does love hip-hop, and that’s something we can all agree on.