Monday, July 6, 2009

R.I.P. Steve McNair

I'm not getting into any of that stuff everybody is talking.. I'm a fan of football and Steve Mcnair was 1 of the greats.....check out some info

Steve McNair was selected third overall in the 1995 NFL draft by the Houston Oilers. After sitting for the better part of his first two seasons, he was ready to make his mark in 1997. In what was essentially his rookie year as a starter, McNair went through the growing pains you'd expect, with the backdrop of a team in transition (they were the Tennessee Oilers in 1997). He finished 23rd in DYAR and 26th in DVOA, throwing for 2,665 yards and 14 touchdowns in a run-heavy offense led by rushers Eddie George ... and Steve McNair. He ran for 674 yards and eight touchdowns on 104 carries, which gave him the best rushing DYAR among quarterbacks that season by far. Young quarterbacks with wheels often outrun their mistakes, though. McNair was about to up the ante and become one of the best pure quarterbacks in the game.

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