Friday, February 5, 2010

Kanye has another temper tantrum

This dude is worse than my 4 year old son! Can you say 'Diva'... some one needs to tell this whining-ass-dude to grow a 'set'! Dude has a problem. Can you say 'Clown?'

Kanye West reportedly lashed out on a flight from LAX on Monday. As he and his assistant boarded their flight from LA to NYC after the Grammys, they were seated in Business class instead of First Class. According to the, he started wildin’ out against a flight attendant and screaming about how he should be seated in First Class. The rest of the passengers were treated to his performance!


Anonymous said...

Hey Kanye came out on his saying this story was untrue. I like your blog pretty interesting ;-)

Beeezo said...

Yeah... i heard after I posted...I did post his rebuttal. The response that he put on his blog.... I try to be fair!

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