Thursday, April 1, 2010

Erykah Badu - "Window Seat" video

With talk of the video possibly being banned. The way people are reacting, MTV may not play it and others may follow suite. Just another note, I have heard a lot woman 'hating' on Badu ... 'that ain't her butt'.... 'that's not her body' .... LOL
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I say Biggup Erykah ! We will rock your ish! Keep making revolutionary music!

See ABC News Report


Dallas officials aren't happy with Erykah Badu's new video, in which she gets naked, in public, at the site of JFK's assassination. But of all possible reasons to be mad, they're upset she didn’t get a permit for filming first, the Dallas Morning News reports. Luckily for her—though some onlookers were shouting for her to put her clothes back on—no police arrived during filming.  Source

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