Monday, May 10, 2010

Gentleman's Club Update

If you were not aware. Cheeba Cheeba Yall has a Gentleman's Club. The club entrance is located on the side-bar (look for the sexy silhouette). We have now made it easier for you to enter the club.

Previously, you would click to enter and you get the quick Adfly ad (gotta maintain! just click skip) then you would get the Disclaimer, telling you that you were entering an Adult Area.

Well, we decided that you didn't need all those pauses before you got into the club and we removed the diclaimer if you enter through Cheeba Cheeba Yall official entrance on the sidebar.
Our readers are generally of age and if you old enough to know about and be involved with Cheeba Cheeba Yall... then you can view some Hot Woman!

Hey... did you notice the new header?

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