Thursday, September 22, 2011

Highlights : Big Ghost Chronicles: 4th Annual Top 10 Softest Rappers In The Game

6. Brandy's Brother
Ayo Tone does not fuck wit this niggas music one bit son. But apparently he still singin his heart out n tryin to stay relevant yo. This niggas most famous joint is one he did wit Yung Berg....I mean...that shit kinda says it all b. But this nigga got into some kinda squabble wit Fabolous in Vegas a few days ago...before the Mayweather fight. Niggas is sayin he got walloped... meanwhile he sayin he beat Fabs ass down before the nigga went on stage to perform yo. I cant call it cos I wasnt there tho namsayin. All I kno is Brandys brother went on a rampage on the radio n on some video n shit...talmbout he gon send niggas to come rape Fab if he aint apologize by sundown or some shit like that. I dont kno what kinda nigga got rape goons on deck like that...but apparently Brandy related to a nigga who do. Son was basically talkin like he a made nigga tho...jus cos his sister be buyin him mad cars n shit like that. Nigga we get it...ya big sister holdin you down n buyin you all that luxurious shit you cant afford on ya own. Ayo Brandy dont gotta prove nothin else namsayin. She had her run. She good nahmean. But you been doin backstrokes in Lake Mediocre for ya whole career b. Have a seat nigga.

4. Yung Berg
Ayo the god jus read some shit the other day bout how this nigga done squashed his beef wit Ne-Yo. Lemme repeat that shit for yall muthafuckas one time... I said this nigga jus squashed his beef wit NE-YO son. First off...if them two niggas is havin issues wit each other... that aint no beef son. That shit is LAMB. Them two niggas was jus lambin yo. Straight up. Far as what that shit was all bout...I got no fuckin idea son. I dont mean no disrespect to the nigga Ne-Yo...son is what he is. But what more you gon say bout this nigga Berg? Son is a L-caholic my nigga. This niggas been sucklin on the titty of failure for way too long yo. Son aint tryin to pass the torch to the nex nigga at all b. When this nigga sits down in the morning to eat his Alpha-Bits that shit is all L's son. This niggas failure success rate is off the charts nahmean. Sons kinda like the Hov of wack niggas namsayin.

3. Soulja Boy

Aka the young Wally Amos. Not only is this nigga one a the softest creatures in existence...he probably the stupidest muthafucka to ever set foot on earth too. This coon spit his struggle bars on some wack ass joint called  "Let's Be Real" a little while back.... n his hoe ass had the nerve to actually say "Fuck the FBI and FUCK ALL THE ARMY TROOPS". Son. "Fuck the FBI" hold up yo. "Fuck all the army troops" b? Like forreal son? Its bad enough that this bojangles ass muthafucka been jugglin chicken drumsticks n watermelons on records for half a damn decade now....but now he wanna get political? This niggas moms mussa fed the muthafucka fried paint chips n dead batteries while he was growin up yo...cos he fuckin beyond stupid yo. Son was definitely an ass birth b.

2.Wiz Khalifa-Rose
Aka Wiz Khagina. This lesbian nigga gotta 4th degree black belt in save-ya-ho namsayin. Son done made that shit a artform yo. Any real nigga can tell that this dude is a straight trick tho. This nigga definitely a "carry a bouquet of roses between his teeth while he climb up the fire escape to the crib of a broad he met 2 hours ago to pay her phone bills n vacuum her living room while she at work" type a nigga b.  He a lame who jus happens to smoke some weed n got hisself  inked up to cover up the fact that he a clown. This nigga probably knows how to do the Charleston n shit son. Son can probably quote Macbeth n shit b. But he gon act like he was a straight hoodlum his whole life yo. This nigga instagrammed his whole existence son. I need this nigga to fix hisself asap yo. That Amber Rose rescue aint really help nothin tho. Ayo Wiz...why cant you be more like ya brother Spitta?


As in ey'body in Young Money that aint Jae Millz, Cory Gunz or Mack Maine...jus to clarify that shit. But the rest a these muthafuckas is like the X-Men of soft ass muthafuckas son. Yall already kno that nigga Drake is the human electric slide b. This the type a cornball ass nigga who pulls up in the McDonalds drive thru to order a smile wit his meals nahmean. When he aint craftin summa the most bitchmade songs known to man he probably spends his time twirlin round in prairies n braiding blades of grass together to make clothes for wild animals n stupid shit like that yo. Nigga probably swings his window shutters open in the morning n has birds n squirrels crawlin up his curtains while he sings songs to them n shit. You might catch that nigga in the forest playin a harp or sumthin namsayin. Son probably got pictures on his walls of miniature babies sittin in fruit bowls n sproutin from gardens n shit like that. That muthafucka mussa got bit by a radioactive butterfly one day namsayin. Word is bond. Ayo son...there aint a number invented by man that could count how many times I felt like slappin the shit outta a nigga for sayin that Nicki Minaj got talent b. All I kno is I need that broad to get 5000% the fuck outta here son. And them Lil Twist n Chuckee muthafuckas is barely outta diapers b. These niggas still use bibs n sippy cups yo. Young Money might be the only label that got a jungle gym in they offices b.  Then you got that nigga Tyga...who's jus a straight crumpet muthafucka son. That nigga probably holds his hands over his mouth when he laughs yo. That 27 lb muthafucka look like he crawls round on mountains followin Sam n Frodo on his spare time son.  Ayo but somebody explain to me what Gudda Gudda's purpose in life is b. Gudda is the most dead weight nigga in any crew since Meeno was in Harlem World yo. That muthafucka makes City Spud n Murphy Lee seem like Beans n Free. Did this nigga save Weezy's life or some shit b? Speakin of that nigga... That brings us to the gardener of wackness hisself yo...Weezy "Fenomenal" Baby. Ayo was rhymin like a fuckin moron on ya last album b...I cant lie yo. But that shit still had some decent joints on it. So the god aint gon pretend like he bout to stop listenin to ya shit. But you need to drop like 87% of the muthafuckas you been signin to ya label b. I see you still makin wack moves tho...cos you jus signed coon extraordinaire T-Pain. Ayo I give up son. Get these McNiggas the fuck outta here par. 
Aight peace.

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