Thursday, April 25, 2013

Scareface Goes In - What's Happening to Hip Hop

You brainwash a generation of Hip Hoppers with this fucking crud and then when these other rappers come out, splitting it down the middle, these other rappers' shit sound like 'Wow!' Y'all look great!' 'Y'all look stupid!' ... Then mothafuckers start going over here and pretty soon, Hip Hop is White now."

More from this interview, including Scarface's praise for Kendrick Lamar, can be seen below.

Scarface has been rapping as a solo artist and group member with Geto Boys since the early 1990s. Scarface has also been in charge of Def Jam South in the past. Less than a year ago, Scarface spoke with HipHopDX's current Editor-in-Chief Justin Hunte regarding his take on the new generation of emcees and Hip Hop. Speaking of this, he said, "I think that anything goes in Hip Hop these days. I blame everybody who came before right now, including myself, for the conditions of what it is. I think the people that came before me taught me and if I couldn’t reach nobody else, then I didn’t do my job. I should’ve been a little better about the way that I laid my blueprint down. So I have nobody to blame but myself for the conditions of Hip Hop today."

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