Monday, May 6, 2013

Mister Cee, You A Long Way From the Turntables!

Calvin LeBrun, better known as DJ Mister Cee was arrested on Friday for allegedly trying to solicit a prostitute, that wasn't a female. Cee better known as a Hot 97 Dj, Big Daddy Kane's Dj as well as 1 of the Co Producers on Notorious BIG's 1994 Ready to Die,
 already has had a stint with a situation like this. I got mad respect for Cee, he has done music with all of the greats. It's just 1 thing.. the same thing that bothers like me say about anyone rich enough to make it rain in a strip club... WHY WOULD U TAKE THE RISK ON THE STREET WHEN YOU CAN JUST HIT THE STRIP CLUB.? Ok I've had my rant.. not even going any further.. but I hope this isn't a career ender for Mister Cee... Time will tell.. Check out some of his cuts...

Mister Cee feat The Notorious B.I.G.- The Wickedest

biG dADDY kANE-The Wrath of Kane

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