Tuesday, June 12, 2007

CHOICE CUTZ.... (special)

Me being an avid Reggie Noble fan and all.. I had to put this up.....1990... wow.. real hip hop.. its a rare REDMAN and BIZ Markie freestyle... (big ups to Nah Right and Konstant Kontact)

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ERnesto said...

Who's next to get stomped? I smash hardcore from Jerz
to the South South Bronx, the bizarre rap non-superstar
of course, my Actions Affirmative like Nas Escobar
Flip a quarter, heads or tails you're gettin slaughtered
I blow the S-L boy out of order
My mental disorder is pure water
I hit your wifey doggystyle in the Land
while the CD program's on 'Whatever Man'

Classic Red man is where its at.