Tuesday, June 12, 2007

A Medical Marijuana Law gains Momentum in Albany

Image courtesy of Drug War Facts

Following in the footsteps of Connecticut's Legislature, New York State lawmakers are expected to approve legislation allowing the use of marijuana for medical purposes.
The Democrat-led Assembly could pass a medical marijuana bill as early as this week, according to the bill's main sponsor. The Republican-led Senate is expected to follow suit, lawmakers said.
It's not clear if Governor Spitzer would support the bill. As a candidate last year, Mr. Spitzer said he was opposed to the legalization of medical marijuana, but a spokeswoman for the governor indicated yesterday that he has not ruled out signing such a bill.
"We know that the issue is being discussed by the Legislature and a variety of proposals have been discussed," a spokeswoman for Mr. Spitzer, Christine Anderson, said via e-mail. "If they pass a bill, we'll obviously take a look at it."
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Anonymous said...

Enough is Enough! Legalize medical marijuana now, everyone knows it is the right thing to do. So Bush get off your Tush and get this very beneficial plant legalized, for medical and recreational use. It is not as harmful as alcohol or nicotine. I'm fed up witj you politicians. LEGALIZE MARIJUANA NOW!~:(