Monday, June 11, 2007


Well Well Well.... It's Monday and the weekend was too damn short. Big shout out if you could play hookie today... ( your wack though...LOL) Anyway lets talk about the so called
ZAB JUDAH fight.......

I really don't have anything to say.,... if you saw the fight you know that Zab might be loosing a step or 2... I saw the low blows and the whole 9 but my man just wasn't controling the ring like I remember... you tell me...

Quick comment

Lebron James is trying to become the best player ever..(personal opinion). we see it happening right before our eyes. He may not win this year... but keep your eyes peeled he'll be around for our enjoyment for years to more

The talk of my world this morning was about the fight, the great comeback the Cavaliers made against SanAntonio, and

I didn't watch it but heard about it.....I guess they left the people wantitng more...guess you fans will be going to watch the movie... right...check this out.. looks like a lot of fans were not happy!!!!.. can you believe this?

On a SERIOUS note.....
R.I.P. to Stack Bundles... check out the story here...


Here is a cut from Stack feat Joe Buddens and Jae Millz
(propz to Nah Right)

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