Sunday, July 29, 2007

Sources: Police Discover Large Marijuana Field in Southwest Dallas Sunday

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3rd Pot Field Found in 3 Weeks in North Texas

DALLAS -- Sources have confirmed to FOX 4 that officers aboard a Dallas Police Department helicopter have discovered a large field of marijuana plants in southwest Dallas.The field is so big that police have called in federal and state agencies to help, according to our sources.The crop is located at I-20 and Spur 408 and can only be seen from the air.Sources said the chopper was doing a routine flyover when someone noticed the field.Sunday's discovery marks the 3rd time in 3 weeks that authorities have found marijuana growing in places hidden from view, but close to busy areas.On July 21, police discovered and cleared five to seven acres of pot plants that had been growing just yards away from a middle school in Grand Prairie.It was the largest outdoor crop ever discovered in North Texas.The plants were fed water through a sophisticated irrigation system, according to federal drug agents. If grown to maturity, the 5-ton crop would have been worth anywhere from $5-10 million.And on July 12, agents with the Drug Enforcement Agency found a large number of marijuana plants growing in a wooded area near the Trinity River in Dallas.The secret pot farm was just 200 yards from the DEA's office building.Agents said they found more than 300 plants, worth at least $300,000 on the street

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