Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Bonds hits No. 756 ... The Greatest?

With all the troubles they media and public have been giving Barry... I'm glad to see that under the pressure he did what Great Athletes do.. take solace on the field. By hitting that homerun and breaking the record regardless of all the noise the people make.. BARRY IS THE BEST HOMERUN HITTER EVER! ...SAN FRANCISCO -- Barry Bonds raised both arms over his head like a prize fighter in victory, fists clenched -- and then he took off.
It was over at long last.
Like him or not, legitimate or not, he is baseball's new home run king.
Bonds hit No. 756 to the deepest part of the ballpark Tuesday night, and hammered home that very point. He broke Hank Aaron's storied record with one out in the fifth inning, hitting a full-count, 84 mph pitch from Washington's Mike Bacsik.
"I knew I hit it," Bonds said. "I knew I got it. I was like, phew, finally."
Later, he firmly and flatly rejected any suggestion that this milestone was stained by steroids.
"This record is not tainted at all. At all. Period," Bonds said.
Bonds sent the ball arcing high into the night, 435 feet into the right-center field seats.
"Thank you very much. I got to thank all of you, all the fans here in San Francisco. It's been fantastic," he said shortly after crossing home plate, his godfather, Willie Mays, at his side.
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