Thursday, August 2, 2007

Some sports news... For the People...

I just watched ESPN today and realized I have been missing a lot of news. Here are a couple of headlines....

McNabb Says He Hopes Things Work Out for Vick

BETHLEHEM, Pa., Aug. 1 -- Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb said he remains supportive of Michael Vick, even with the Atlanta Falcons quarterback scheduled to go on trial in November on federal dogfighting charges.
"I'm a supporter of Vick," McNabb said Tuesday at Lehigh University. "That's because I'm a good friend of his and also we're guys that obviously compete to win the Super Bowl. We push each other. Now, I don't know exactly what happened in that situation, and I think for all of us that have read over the stuff that was over the Internet, the report, you look at it as kind of like, 'Wow, you've got your so-called friends and family members turning their back on you now to make their situation better.' They're throwing you under the bus so that they can clean their name. That's unfortunate. That goes to show, I always have a saying that I've always lived by: If you can't trust family, who can you trust? It's an unfortunate situation, and I just hope everything works out well for him where he can get back out on the field."

C’s get passion player: Garnett has serious side

As he spoke during Tuesday’s press conference about being appreciated, Kevin Garnett got a little emotional.
Get used to it.
The word from inside the Timberwolves was unanimous in painting a picture of an intense star who is far deeper than the often superficial world of professional sports. Kevin Garnett, they said, gives a damn.
“He’s an incredibly loyal person, and he takes that very seriously,” said one Minnesota source. “If he believes you’re with him, he opens up and gives you everything. The only problem with that is that Kevin can get upset when he perceives a slight, even if it’s not a real one.”

The break in the loyalty chain is what ultimately got him to Boston. As Garnett said, he wanted to finish his career with the Wolves but realized he couldn’t after learning of the club’s plans.

Bonds hitless, remains at 754 home runs

LOS ANGELES (AP) -- Barry Bonds looks as if he's lost that picture-perfect swing.
With thousands of cameras flashing at every pitch that came his way, the slugger struggled again to find the impeccable hand-eye coordination that has defined his 22-year career.
Bonds went hitless and remained at 754 home runs and one from tying Hank Aaron's record in the Giants' 6-4 loss to the Dodgers on Wednesday night.
The Giants' biggest rival sure has made Bonds look bad lately, giving Los Angeles fans a lot to cheer about.
Bonds went 0-for-3 with an intentional walk and is hitless in 19 at-bats against the Dodgers since a single on April 26.

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