Sunday, August 12, 2007

You got the big 3 and INNOVIS

I did a post a little while ago about the 4th Credit Bureau, and in my ongoing research to become a little wiser, I found out more... Innovis is the name of the company...
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this is their about Innovis statement....
ACB Services was founded in 1970 by Associated Credit Bureaus (ACB). ACB Services was created to provide consumer credit information to member firms. ACB Services' data was gathered from national and regional credit grantors.

In 1989 the company was purchased and renamed Consumers Credit Associates (CCA). Responding to requests from credit grantors for innovative solutions and enhanced services in the consumer credit industry, CCA worked to create unique products and services. Concurrently, the company began to gain commitments from major credit grantors to contribute data.

In 1997, First Data Corporation purchased CCA and renamed this division Innovis Data Solutions, Inc. In April of 1999, CBC Companies purchased Innovis Data Services from First Data Corporation.

CBC Companies has been providing consumer credit information through its credit bureau organization for over 50 years. As an affiliate of CBC Companies, Innovis will continue to develop unique tools for credit decisioning and risk management.

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