Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Joe Budden.... MOOD MUSIC 3-More BEEF with HOVA

I just listened to some of Mood Music 3: For Better or Worse and there is a song called Talk to Em. Now Joe Budden's is a hot artist.... not necessarily in my top 5, but definitely worth mentioning when I talk about hip hop music. With that being said, Rhapsody had an interview with Joe "Beazy"......... Mr Budden's had a few choice words for the now "soon to be former" CEO of Def Jam .....

Rhapsody: “Talk 2 Em’” seems to be getting the most attention from people that have heard Mood Muzik 3. Why did you decide to go at Jay-Z?
Joe Budden: [It was] exactly how I felt. On Mood Muzik, the stage is all Joe Budden so I get to do exactly what I want. It was disrespectful, but it was a diss with a point: Stop rapping. Hang it up. You’re getting paid to be a president. Be a president. We loved you as a rapper. One of the best to ever do it. Now it’s time to do some other things. (READ MORE)

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