Friday, December 28, 2007

MADD SKILLZ ---2002 -2007 The RAP UP! Ghostwriter Extrodinaire

SkillZ is 1 of those often heard of, and very underrated "GHOSTWRITERS" you hear about all the time. He along with people like Pharoah Monch or Crooked I, that have been able to write for other people constantly and still be able to do their own thing. Ghostwriting is something that was a practice used highly back in the early rap days, but with the inception of the "keepin it real deal" people had started frowning on the art... and it is an art to be able to put yourself in another persons situation and write as if you were them. With that being said... your boy SkillZ has written for probably half of the industry and usually doesn't get the mainstream credit that he probably deserves. Now that doesn't mean his own albums are always fire... but what artists can say that other then people like Jay Z...Well here is THE RAP UP.... He started this in 2002 and it has been 1 of my favorite year ending rap songs since 2002. Check them out and see if he doesn't sum up the years for you..can you remember.......?

Skillz- The RAP UP-


This is the new RAP UP for 2007.... its kinda hot to me... you be the judge though.....


Ernesto said...

I always look forward to these joints at the end of the year. I think he could have chosen a better beat this time around though. It still hot though. Props Juice.

Smurl said...

Thanks ernesto for the comment. nice to see people check out the specials!