Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Fat Joe vs. Papoose... The Saga Continues

I was trying to hold off on this but it seems that the beef is getting too much to just ignore. Pap and Fat Joe are going at eachother not only on wax.. but its gotten a little physical. I like both of these dudes musically... Fat Joe from Jealous One's Envy and Pap is just killer on those Kay Slay Freestyles and his mixtapes... Joe got a hot single out right now...blah blah.. Basically I fools with them both.. I know hip hop is always supposed to be about the beef's but let's keep this on wax. If ya'll gonna beef... MAKE SOME HOT MUSIC FROM IT ! Come out with some hot diss tracks and stop doing all the interviews! with that being said here are their interviews from this morning from HOT 97.....check them out! (props to eskay for the story and splash for the audios)Papoose and his side