Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Remy Ma... 8 Years To Think About Shooting

Well Last year the saga of the female rapper going to prison added another person... Remy Martin. Remy Martin real name Remy Smith... has been convicted of intentional assault, which could have gotten her 25... for trying to retrieve money from a former friend Makeda Barnes Joseph with a .45 calibur handgun. Now we already knew she might get some time for this... but 8 years.. and shorty didn't die... wow! Now I'm not stupid I realize people get killed for far less.. but if you doing it murder for 3-grand is not doing it. I must digress because whatever the reason.. I never want to see anyone got to the BING... and for 8... ouch...

UPDATE... (old 1)

Papoose.. (Remy's husband to be)

Was accused of bringing a skeleton key to their jailhouse nuptuals.... which quckly got everything cancelled... (Amazing) More here

Big Shout to Miss info.. she has the other side...

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